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Play one of our top games right now, or browse the full selection of 76 of the very best Solitaire Games, including 15 Originals created right here at Solitaire Network!
When people think of Solitaire, this is the game they are usually thinking of.
Forty Thieves
Forty Thieves has quickly become one of the most popular solitaire games of all time.
It is for good reason that Scorpion is SoliTaire Network's 2nd most popular game. You will love it!
Yukon combines elements from Klondike and Scorpion and is our 4th most popular game.
Canfield SoliTaire is an all-time classic.

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Klondike SoliTaire Games

During Klondike Solitaire games you will usually flip through a Stock one or three at a time trying to move them to Foundations that must be ordered in suit. Movement between Columns is always possible when the build rules are followed. In some games only single cards may be moved, whereas other games will allow you to move several together as long as they are packed into proper order.
Klondike Solitaire is the best known of all SoliTaire Games, and is our #1 game.
This variant of Klondike Solitaire plays in the classic style of flipping only a single card at a time.
Double Klondike
Twice the Klondike fun using two decks! Play Ace to King to each Foundation twice.
Klondike Garden
Plays like classic Klondike, but you may chose any Stock card instead of flipping through the Stock.
Forty Thieves
Forty Thieves Solitaire has quickly become one of SoliTaire Network's most popular games.
SoliTaire games don't get any more classic than Canfield.
Double Canfield
This version of Double Canfield uses the more standard 13 cards in the Reserve rule. This variant is a little easier than the other.
Double Canfield 40
This second variation of Double Canfield has a 40-card Reserve making it harder.
Bristol is similar to Klondike but features a unique rule that flips over three separate cards each time the Stock is clicked.
Flower Garden
Flower Garden is one of our favorites. Give this great game a fair try.
Uses the unusual rule of building Columns up or down in any suit.
Four Captives
Four Captives is another SoliTaire Network original. Can you free the four aces?
A SoliTaire Network original that has the unusual rule to build 4 Foundations up and the other 4 down.

Spider SoliTaire Games

Spider Solitaire games all feature the requirement to build sets from King down to Ace within the Columns. There are no Foundations. Usually, when a complete set from King to Ace is assembled it is removed from the layout. The Scorpion games also fit this description, but there were enough of them to give them their own type.
This classic game of Spider now fully conforms to the standard rules. Patience is a key to winning.
This version of Spider allows building in any suit instead of in the same suit as in standard Spider.
A version of Spider that we're sure many players will appreciate, especially those learning how to play this great game.
This is probably the easiest version of Spider. If you are having a hard time learning Spider, try this one first.
This version of Spider is a nice compromise that is challenging but yet not so hard.
Spiderette is the standard single-deck version of Spider.
Will o' the Wisp
Will o' the Wisp is an easier variation of Spiderette.
Land Of Nod
Land Of Nod is yet another variant of Spiderette.

Scorpion SoliTaire Games

Scorpion Solitaire games are characterized by the ability to pick up any part of a stack of face-up cards and move them all as long as the top card of the stack being moved is allowed to be placed onto the bottom card of the second stack.
Scorpion is SoliTaire Network's 2nd most popular game. It allows for many moves but it is still quite difficult to win.
Simple Scorpion
Scorpion is difficult to win, so we added this simpler variant.
Double Scorpion
The double-deck version of Scorpion is now available on SoliTaire Network. Twice the sting. Twice the fun!
Australian Patience
This is a nice combination of two other great SoliTaire games; Scorpion and Yukon.
Double Australian Patience
This popular game also gets the double-deck treatment. Very challenging! Beginners should play the single-deck version first.
Yukon is a close cousin to Klondike and Scorpion. Yukon is our fourth most popular game.

FreeCell SoliTaire Games

FreeCell Solitaire games are similar to the Klondike solitaires where you must arrange the layout into four Foundations from Ace to King in the same suit. However, only one card may be moved at a time. Since this makes it difficult, these games provide a certain number of reusable open spaces (free cells) that may each hold any one card.
Sea Towers
Also known as Seahaven Towers, this Free Cell variant is quite a challenge. It will take careful planning of moves to beat this one.
The starting Foundation rank is selected for you, but one of them is purposely buried deep. Can you free the Penguin and win?
Free Cell
Use the four free spaces to win every time.
Eight Off
Similar to Free Cell. Use the 8 spaces to help you along.

Hand Building SoliTaire Games

In this section the SoliTaire games are all based on other popular games or sports where the goal is to fulfill the rules of those games in some way. Although it is helpful to have a knowledge of the games these SoliTaires are base on, it is not necessary to enjoy them.
Put on your Bowling shoes for a full game of Bowling SoliTaire Rack up the Strikes and go for that elusive perfect game.
Poker Sqaure
Poker players will enjoy this classic SoliTaire adaptation. Score 100 to win.
Blackjack Square
Blackjack Square is a SoliTaire Network original. Form Blackjack hands and score 30 points to win.
Cribbage Square
Cribbage Square is a good excuse to learn Cribbage! Score 60 to win.

Pairing & Adding SoliTaire Games

For all Pairing and Adding solitaires, remove two at a time based on adding their ranks together or by matching ranks. In all games of this type you will win if you remove the entire deck from the layout.
Play SoliTaire Network's slightly easier variation of this classic game.
Pyramid 2
This is Pyramid with most of the randomness removed. It plays like an open puzzle.
Pyramid 3
A SoliTaire Network original combining the best elements of Pyramid and Free Cell.
Just pair up matching cards. Nothing could be easier.
Like Nestor, but with the unique pairing of "Near Ranked" cards. A SoliTaire Network original.
This game plays like an easier version of Pyramid. One solitary column plays a key role in this game.
Double Baroness
This is the two-deck version of Baroness. We think this one plays better.
Match two cards that total 14. Requires thought to win it.

Slider SoliTaire Games

Slider Solitaire games are unique in that you are either placing, removing, or moving cards around within a grid in order to achieve each game's individual goals. Usually the location of the cards in relation to each other affect the rules or points earned.
Poker Slide
The best elements of Slide and Poker Square are combined into this fun and original SoliTaire game. Score 150 to win.
Combine the shuffled layout into just one pile using rules similar to Tri-Peaks. A great new addition to SoliTaire Network.
Similar to Germaine, but with two free moves after each play. Careful planning and patience are key.
Air Lock
Remove all cards in pairs using many of the same rules as Germaine. A great variation!
This original game could be the most strategic Solitaire game ever!
Super Slide
In Super Slide you may slide Columns and Rows in four directions. A SoliTaire Network original!

Tri-Peaks SoliTaire Games

Tri-Peaks Solitaires are characterized by the playing of cards that are one rank higher or one rank lower than the rank of the previous card played. The game is won if the entire layout can be moved to a single Pile.
An all-time favorite! Can you deconstruct the 3 pyramid peaks?
Tri-Peaks Garden
Instead of flipping cards one at a time from the Stock, pick any card you want from the "Garden" to continue playing.
Golf is SoliTaire at its simplest. Just play cards one higher or lower.
Black Hole
Similar to Tri-Peaks and Golf but with more choices to make.

Gaps SoliTaire Games

Gaps Solitaire games all have the common trait where the layout must be arranged from left to right and from two to king in the same suit. Aces are removed after the shuffle forming gaps in the layout. Cards are then moved from any place in the layout to any of the 4 gaps as long as certain rules are observed.
Gaps is easy and fun to play with plenty of decisions to make.
Unlimited Gaps
This variant of Gaps is impossible to lose, but still quite fun. See how fast you can complete it.
Free Parking
Free Parking plays very much like Gaps but with more choices. Use cards on both sides of the Gaps to make your moves.

Eliminator SoliTaire Games

Eliminator SoliTaires are a diverse group of games. They all have the common trait where the goal is to eliminate all cards one at a time in some manner. In a few of these variants the deck is all dealt out initially, but most of these games require you to decide when to add cards to the layout before eliminating others.
Osmosis is a very unusual game that is very difficult to catagorize. See what you think of it.
Osmosis Peek
This variation of Osmosis gives you a peek at all of the Reserve cards. You may also choose your starting card.
Blue Bonnet
This SoliTaire Network original is similar to Tam O'Shanter but adds a very strategic free move between Stock clicks.
Tam O'Shanter
This simple game is great for when you just want to hang out and not have to think too hard. You get 2 redeals.
Royal Marriage
It is up to you to lead the betrothed King of Hearts to his Queen. Will the marriage take place?
Probably the hardest game to win on SoliTaire Network, but we have evidence that our players LOVE the challenge!
A fresh new double-deck game that is similar to Strategy and Klondike.
Excercise your brain in this new addition to the SoliTaire family of games.
Aces Up
Aces Up has very simple rules, but yet winning is elusive.
Aces Up - Relaxed
An easier version of Aces Up that allows a one-time move. You decide when it is most advantageous to use that move.
Six chances to clear the board. This is not as easy as it looks.
Another of our personal favorites. The name says it all.
Sir Tommy
This underrated game is very challenging. Definitely put this one on your list.

Shamrocks SoliTaire Games

Shamrocks Solitaire games involve a lot of moving cards back and forth to free up others that can be played to Foundations. Often, moving a single card will change the availability of many others, thus opening up other moves. Careful planning is a key characteristic of most of these variants.
La Belle Lucie
This classic Solitaire game allows two redeals. On the last deal you get a free move.
Cruel is an unusual game because of the way the redeals are performed. You control when and how many times to redeal.
Baker's Dozen
Simple rules, but there is plenty of strategy and challenge to this game. Another great addition to SoliTaire Network.
Box Fan
Although a close cousin of La Belle Lucie, you will be surprised by the strategic nuances of this great game.
In Shamrocks, no Column can hold more than three cards.
Grandfathers Clock
A nice and easy pictoral game for when you are just looking for some light strategy.
Beleagured Castle
Beleagured Castle is one of our most challenging games.