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Free Parking SoliTaire!

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Free Parking SoliTaire! Rules:


Arrange cards in the four rows left to right from Two to King.

The Deal

Using one deck, All 52 cards are dealt in 4 rows of 13 non-overlapping cards. After all cards have been dealt, the Aces are removed from play forming the four open spaces.


After the Aces are removed, rearrange the cards forming a suit sequence in each Row from 2 to King. In the diagrm below, the goal is about 2/3 completed.


This game is played similar to Gaps but with an additional rule:

A card may be moved onto an empty space if the card is one rank higher than the card on its left, or one rank lower than the card on its right. Also, the card must be of the same suit as the card on its left or right.

When a leftmost space is empty it may either be filled with any 2, or a card one rank lower and of the same suit as the card to the right of the space.

Tip: Once a 2 is in place, it may still be moved to another space.


When play comes to a standstill, the cards that are not in proper sequence are gathered up, reshuffled, and redealt. One redeal is allowed.

Tip: Although the "Click to Redeal" button appears after there are four empty spaces after Kings (as in Gaps) you may still be able to make other plays by playing to the left of other cards.

Example Plays

This section will demonstrate the basic movements of the game.

On the bottom row, you may move a 10 of Clubs to the left of the Jack of Clubs, or you may move the Queen of Clubs to the right of the Jack of Clubs.

On the third row, you may move the Jack of Hearts to the right of the 10 of Hearts, or you may move the 8 of Clubs to the left of the 9 of Clubs.

No cards may be moved to the right of the King of Clubs on the top row.

Game Notes

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