Poker Slide Solitaire

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Poker Slide Solitaire Rules


Build multiple Poker hands to score 150 points or more.

The Deal

Using one deck, 25 cards are dealt to the 25 spaces in the layout. The remaining cards form the Stock.


The 25 spaces in the layout each hold one card. These 25 cards form 10 Poker hands of 5 cards each (5 horizontal rows of cards and 5 vertical columns of cards.)

The cards in the layout may not be moved directly, but only by means of sliding cards into and out of the layout by means of placing cards on slider arrows.


There are three Reserves that can hold one card each. The Reserves are single-use. Once a card is placed in a Reserve it may still be played to the layout, however once played the Reserve goes away.


The face up card on the bottom row are to be placed on one of the arrows on the layout and thus entered into the Poker hands. Alternately, cards may be played to one of the three Reserves.

As each card is played, the Stock will automatically flip another card. Play continues until the last Stock card is played.

Discard Pile

Each play into the layout also forces a card out of the layout. The card forced out of the layout is placed in a Discard Pile and remains out of play.


Poker hands will be formed during the dealing and the score will increase during the deal. The score will also be recalculated after each play.

Scoring for the various Poker hands is based on the relative difficulty of obtaining a certain hand in a regular game of Poker.

Each of the 10 hands are scored as follows:




Royal Flush100A, K, Q, J, 10 of same suit
Straight Flush759, 8, 7, 6, 5 of same suit (5 sequential cards of same suit)
4 of a Kind503, 3, 3, 3, X (X refers to any other card)
Full House255, 5, 5, J, J (Three of a kind and a pair)
Flush20Q, 10, 6, 4, 3 of same suit (any 5 cards of the same suit)
Straight156, 5, 4, 3, 2 of any suit. (5 sequential cards of any suit)
3 of a Kind10K, K, K, X, X (any three cards of the same rank)
Two Pair5A, A, 4, 4, X<
One Pair2Q, Q, X, X, X

The scores from all 10 hands are added together to arrive at the final score.

150 Points is considered a Win.

Game Notes

Poker Slide is an original solitaire game designed by Warren Schwader.