Pyramid Solitaire

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Pyramid Solitaire Rules


Remove all cards from the layout by matching pairs of cards totalling 13.

The Deal

Using one deck, 28 cards are dealt to the layout in the shape of a pyramid. The Discard Pile is dealt one card. 7 Reserve cards are also dealt. The Kings are removed from play. The remaining cards form the Stock.

Layout Cards

Only cards that are completely uncovered may be paired up. In Pyramid, cards are paired up when their ranks total 13. For example, a 6 and a 7 pair up and may be removed. Also 5 and 8, 4 and 9, 3 and 10, 2 and J, and A and Q.

Cards available for pairing are completely uncovered cards in the pyramid, the 7 reserve cards, and the topmost card of the Discard Pile.

Kings total 13 on their own and so are automatically removed from the game.

Cards that are paired up are removed from play.


There are 7 Reserves at the bottom of the layout. Reserve cards are available for pairing up (two cards totaling 13) at any time. Once a card is played from a Reserve, the Reserve remains empty.


16 cards remain in the Stock after the deal. Cards may be flipped one at a time from the Stock as desired.

Discard Pile

The topmost card of the Discard Pile is available for play.

Game Notes

Pyramid is one of the most difficult games to win on Solitaire Network. Interestingly, it is also one of the most popular.