Pyramid 3 Solitaire

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Pyramid 3 Solitaire Rules


Remove all cards from the layout by matching pairs of cards totalling 13.

The Deal

Using one deck, 45 cards are dealt to the pyramid. The remaining 3 cards are dealt to the 3 Reserves. The Kings are removed from play.

Layout Cards

Cards available for pairing are completely uncovered cards in the Pyramid or Reserve piles.

In Pyramid 3, cards are paired up when their ranks total 13. For example, a 6 and a 7 make up a pair and may be removed. Also 5 and 8, 4 and 9, 3 and 10, 2 and J, and A and Q.

Kings total 13 on their own and so are automatically removed from the game.

Cards that are paired up are removed from play.


There are 3 Reserves beneath the Pyramid each holding 1 card. When a card is removed from a Reserve, the Reserve is opened up so as to accept any other single card from the Pyramid. In this, the Reserve piles act similarly to Free Cell.


In the example layout below you can pair up the 4 and 9, OR you could utilize the empty Reserve pile by placing the 7 of Hearts in it. That would then create more possible plays such as the 7-6, J-2, or the 9-4.

Often, it is better to use a card from the Reserves rather than using a Pyramid card. For example, in the layout above, it may be more strategic to match the 4 with the 9 in the Reserve pile rather than the 9 from the layout.

With careful play, we believe most shuffles are winnable.

Game Notes

Pyramid 3 is a Solitaire Network original created by Warren Schwader in 2007.