Fourteens Solitaire

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Fourteens Solitaire Rules


Remove all cards in pairs totalling 14.

The Deal

Using one deck, all cards are dealt face up to the layout. There are twelve Columns. Four of the Columns are dealt 5 cards. The remaining Columns are each dealt 4 cards.


The topmost card in any Column is available for play. Cards are dragged to another card and if the ranks of the two cards total 14, they are removed from the Layout.

The values of the cards range from Ace - 1, 2 thru 10 - their face value, Jacks - 11, Queens - 12, and Kings - 13. For example, a King and an Ace total 14 and may be removed. The other combinations of cards are: Q-2, J-3, 10-4, 9-5, 8-6, and 7-7.

Cards may not be moved to other Columns.

Empty Columns must remain empty.