Achilles Solitaire

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Achilles Solitaire Rules


Remove all cards in pairs of the same rank or "near-pairs" of cards 1 rank away from each other.

The Deal

Using one deck, each of seven Columns is dealt from 5 to 9 cards face-up as shown. One card is dealt to a Reserve pile and the other two cards remain in the Stock.


The topmost card in any Column is available for play. Cards are dragged to another card and if the ranks of the two cards match, they are removed from the Layout.

Cards may also be matched if their ranks are "near" each other so that their ranks are just one rank different. Aces are considered to be near Kings so that matching an Ace and King is valid.

In the layout pictured above, possible first plays are: J-Q, J-10, 10-9, 5-5, 5-4, and the 4-3.

Cards may not be moved to onto other Columns.

Empty Columns must remain empty.


The topmost card of the Reserve pile is available for play and can be played along with a card from a Column using the same rule for matching two cards.

Cards may not be moved to onto the Reserve pile.

When empty, the Reserve must remain empty.


When play comes to a standstill (or sooner if desired,) click on the Stock to deal one card to the Reserve pile next to it.

Game Notes

Achilles solitaire is a Solitaire Network original created by Warren Schwader in 2007.