Blackjack Square Solitaire

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Blackjack Square Solitaire Rules


Build multiple Blackjack hands to score 30 points or more.

The Deal

The layout starts the game empty. The Stock flips over one card.


The face up card near the Stock must be played to a place in the Blackjack hands or a Discard Pile. As each card is played, the Stock will automatically flip another card.


The 16 spaces may hold one card each. The spaces form nine hands of from 2 to 5 cards each depending on the position of the spaces. There are two hands of 2 cards, two hands of 3 cards, three hands of 4 cards, and two hands of 5 cards.

Once a card is placed it may not be moved.


There are four spaces where cards may be placed that are not wanted in the Blackjack hands. Each space may hold one card.


Scoring for the various Blackjack hands is based on how close the player comes to 21 in each hand. Face cards count as 10. Aces can count as either 1 or 11.

Each of the nine hands are scored as follows:




Blackjack10A Blackjack is two cards that total 21. A King, Queen, Jack, or 10 combined with an Ace
2173, 4, or 5 cards that total 21
205All cards in the hand total 20
194All cards in the hand total 19
183All cards in the hand total 18
172All cards in the hand total 17
16 and under1All cards in the hand total 16 or less
Bust0All cards in the hand total 22 or more

The scores from all nine hands are added together to arrive at the final score.

Game Notes

Blackjack Square is a Solitaire Network original created by Warren Schwader.

OK, we know the layout isn't exactly a square, but in keeping with the pattern of names and the game play of Cribbage Square and Poker Square we felt you would understand.