Tri-Peaks Garden Solitaire

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Tri-Peaks Garden Solitaire Rules


Move all cards to the single Foundation pile by playing cards one higher or lower.

The Deal

Using one deck, 37 cards are dealt to the layout in the shape of three pyramids. The Foundation is dealt one card. The remaining 14 cards are dealt to a Reserve - the "Garden."


he foundation may be built UP or DOWN in ANY SUIT. For example, if the Foundation has a 5 on it, then a 6 or 4 can be played from the layout.

An Ace may be played on a King and a King may be placed on an Ace.

When play comes to a standstill or sooner if desired, you may choose any card from the Reserve and place it on the Foundation. Then you may continue.

Layout Cards

Only cards that are completely uncovered may be moved to the Foundation.


14 cards are dealt to the Reserve. Any one of these cards may be played onto the Foundation at any time even if the ranks do not follow the build rules. There are no redeals.

The more cards remaining in the Reserve when the game is won, the more points that are added to your score. For example, if you win the game and 5 cards remain in the Reserve, your score would be 52 + 5 = 57 points.