Accordion Solitaire

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Accordion Solitaire Rules


Combine the cards in order to leave only one card remaining. Very difficult!

The Deal

Using one deck, All 52 cards are dealt in 4 rows of 13 non-overlapping cards. The cards are dealt in four rows only for the sake of convienience. Players should think of the cards as if they were arranged in just a single row of 52 cards. The first card of each row comes just after the last card of the previous row.

Combining Cards

Drag one card onto another to combine cards. Cards may only move forward toward the first dealt card.

A card may be moved onto another card if it is the same rank or the same suit as a card to its immediate left or as a card that is three cards to its left.

After a card is moved, all of the cards following the moved card are slid to the left to fill the empty space.

Example Plays

In this diagram, the Jack of Hearts (last card of the top row) is considered one space to the left of the 9 of Spades (the first card of the second row.) Similarly, the 4 of Diamonds is one space to the left of the 7 of Spades, and the 3 of Spades is one card to the left of the 5 of Spades.

Some examples of card movements are as follows:

  • In the bottom row, the King of Diamonds may be moved on top of the King of Spades because the King of Spades is one card to the left of the other King, and of course, the Kings are the same rank.
  • The two of Diamonds on the third row can be moved on top of the 3 of Diamonds because the 3 is one space to the left of the 2 and both cards are of the same suit.
  • The 2 of Diamonds could also be moved on top of the 4 of Diamonds (at the end of the row above it) because both cards are of the same suit and the 4 of Diamonds is three spaces to the left of the 2 of Diamonds.
  • The Ace of Diamonds in the top row cannot be moved because the card to its left and the card 3 spaces to its left are neither an Ace or a Diamond.

Game Notes

Some people play Accordion by flipping the cards from the Stock one at a time and then making plays. Solitaire Network's rules are functionally the same except that all cards are dealt at the start of the hand.

Accordion is an extremly difficult game to win and so you can consider it a victory if you finish the game with five or fewer cards.