Yukon Solitaire

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How to play Yukon Solitaire

Rules Summary:

  • Build Foundations from Ace to King in each suit.
  • Build Columns Down and in Alternating Color.
  • Any number of face-up cards may be moved.
  • Cards do not have to be in sequence to move.
  • Empty Columns are filled only with Kings and cards accompanying them.
How to play Yukon Solitaire
Yukon Solitaire is a combination of two other well-known Solitaire Games:
Klondike and Scorpion.


The goal of Yukon Solitaire is to move all cards to the four Foundation piles from Ace to King in the same suit.

The Deal

Using one deck, all cards are dealt to the layout. There are 7 Columns. Each Column is dealt one more face down card than the previous Column starting with 0 face down in the first column. Columns two through seven are then dealt 6 more cards each face up.


Foundations are built UP and IN SUIT starting with an Ace and ending with a King. For example, a 2 of Clubs can be placed on an Ace of Clubs, then a 3 of Clubs, then a 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, up to the K of Clubs. The same holds true for the other suits.


Columns are built DOWN in ALTERNATING COLOR similar to Klondike. For example, a red 6 may be placed on a black 7.

Any number of face up cards may be moved to another Column provided that the above build rule is followed. It does not matter whether the cards being moved are already in sequence or not. For example, a red 6 may have a King and a 2 on it. Those three cards may be moved to a black 7.

The topmost card in any Column is available for play to either another Column or a Foundation. When a face down card is the topmost card in a Column, it is flipped face up.

Empty Columns may be filled with Kings or Kings with other cards dragged along.

Game Notes

Yukon Solitaire is a cousin to Klondike. Layout and game play are similar. If you like Klondike, you will probably like Yukon Solitaire also.

Yukon Solitaire Strategy:

  • The more cards that are in play (face up) the better. So it is generally important to uncover face down cards whenever possible.
  • It is helpful to work backwards from cards that you want to move, instead of looking at the bottommost cards in columns. Start with cards that will uncover face down cards if the card moves.
  • Try to clear out one or two columns so that Kings can be moved into them. So focus first on clearing one of the first 1-3 Columns early in the game.
  • If you cannot make a move that will uncover a face down card then focus on making moves that will uncover cards that can be moved to a Foundation.
  • Try to build up the foundations in unison whenever possible. For example, if both black 3's are in the Foundations, there is no place to move a red 2 within the Columns if that becomes necessary.
  • Since only Kings can fill empty columns, clearing out more columns than are needed for the Kings can be wasteful.