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Squadron Game Summary

Squadron is a much easier version of Forty Thieves. It differs from Forty Thieves by the addition of 3 Reserve piles (the Squadrons) that may each hold one card at a time. These three Reserve piles gives players many options and flexibility during game play.

Squadron Strategy

The key to playing Squadron well is by properly managing the three Reserve piles. It is usually worthwhile to clear at least one of the Reserve piles as soon as possible even if that means burying low-ranking cards in Columns. This will provide flexibility to move many other cards around. The more Reserve piles opened and the earlier they are opened, the more likely the game will be won. With optimal play, we expect about a 50% win rate.

Squadron Rules


Move all cards to the eight Foundation piles, starting from the Aces and continuing UP to the Kings in EACH suit.

The Deal

Using a double deck, ten Columns are dealt four cards each, face up. Each of the three Reserve piles are dealt one card each. The remaining cards form the Stock.


Each of the eight Foundation piles start with an Ace and continues UP in the SAME SUIT to Kings.


Columns are built DOWN and in the SAME SUIT. For example, within the columns, the only card that can be played onto a 4 of Spades would be a 3 of Spades.

The exposed card in any Column is available for play to another Column, Foundation pile, or to an open Reserve pile.

Empty Columns may be filled with any playable card.


There are three Reserve piles. When a Reserve Pile is empty, any moveable card from Columns or the Discard Pile may be moved into it. Each Reserve pile may hold one card at a time. Reserve piles may be reused.

Cards in Reserve piles may be moved to Columns or Foundations.

Stock and Discard Pile

Cards from the Stock may be flipped one card at a time to the Discard Pile. The top card of the Discard Pile may be played to a Column, Foundation, or Reserve pile. There are no redeals.

Game Notes

SolitaireNetwork.com's version of Squadron supports a "Supermove" where you may move more than one card at a time as long as the move would have been possible had it been done by shuffling around single cards.