Spider Relaxed Solitaire

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Spider Relaxed Solitaire Rules


Form eight sets of cards of any suit from King to Ace within the Columns.

The Deal

Using two decks, ten Columns of cards are dealt 5 or 6 cards each. The first four Columns are dealt 6 cards, the next six Columns are dealt 5 cards each. All cards are dealt face down except for the last card in each Column


Every click on the Stock will deal one card to each Column. Click on the Stock after no more moves are possible (or desirable) in the layout. All Columns must contain at least one card before the cards will be dealt. There are no redeals.


Columns are built DOWN in ANY SUIT. However, since you may only move groups of cards of the same suit, you should prefer building down in the same suit.

The topmost card of each Column is always available for play. Also, cards of the same suit and in sequence may be moved to another Column provided the above build rule applies. For example, an 8, 7, and 6 of Spades may move to any 9. However, an 8 of clubs, 7 and 6 of Spades may not move as a unit because they are not all of the same suit.

Sequences may be split apart once formed. For example, in a sequence of 8, 7, 6 of Spades, the 7 and 6 may be split apart from the 8 in order to be played to another 8.

When a sequence of King through Ace in ANY suit is formed within a Column, it is removed from the layout.

Empty Columns may be filled with any card or movable sequence of cards. All Columns must contain a card before more cards can be dealt from the Stock.

One point is scored for each card built within a Column starting with a King. For example, if a Column has a K, Q, and J in sequence then three points are scored for that combination. A full set of King through Ace is 13 points.

Game Notes

This is the version of Spider that has been on Solitaire Network for many years. The name was changed so that the standard version of Spider could be added too (and be named Spider.) However, the rule that all Columns need to be filled before dealing cards was added to conform to most other Spider games that use this rule.

The only difference between the standard and relaxed variations is that in the relaxed version of the game, the sets of cards from King to Ace can be in any suit instead of the same suit.

You might also wish to try the Easy version which is the same as the Relaxed version, but you are also allowed to move groups of cards of combined suits.