Calculation Solitaire

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Calculation Solitaire Rules


Move all cards to the four Foundation piles starting with each Foundation's Starting Card up to Kings in any suit.

The Deal

Using one deck, the Foundations are dealt 4 cards. The first Foundation is dealt an Ace. The second Foundation is dealt a 2. The third Foundation is dealt a 3. The fourth Foundation is dealt a 4. Then the Discard Pile is dealt one card. Columns start the game empty.


Foundations are built UP and in ANY SUIT starting with the first card dealt to it and ending with a King.

Each Foundation has a different rule as follows:

  • The first foundation is built up by 1 as follows: A,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,J,Q,K.
  • The second foundation is built up by 2 as follows: 2,4,6,8,10,Q,A,3,5,7,9,J,K.
  • The third foundation is built up by 3 as follows: 3,6,9,Q,2,5,8,J,A,4,7,10,K.
  • The fourth foundation is built up by 4 as follows: 4,8,Q,3,7,J,2,6,10,A,5,9,K.


Any card from the Discard Pile may be placed in any Column.

Cards from the Columns my be played to Foundations at any time. The topmost card in any Column is available for play to a Foundation. Cards may not be moved among Columns.


Cards from the Stock are flipped automatically one at a time when the card in the Discard Pile is played. There is no redeal.

Discard Pile

The Discard Pile will only ever contain just one card. This card must be played to one of the Columns or to a Foundation before the next card from the Stock is flipped. When the card is played, the Stock will automatically flip another card to the Discard Pile.