Aces Up Solitaire

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Aces Up Solitaire Rules


End the game with all four Aces at the top of the four Columns.

The Deal

Using one deck, each of the four Columns is dealt one card.


There are no Foundations in Aces up. However, cards are removed one at a time and set aside.


The topmost card in any Column is a candidate for removal.

When there are two or more exposed cards of the same suit, all but the highest card of that suit can be removed. Remove cards by clicking on them. In Aces Up, the Aces are considered the highest rank and are higher than the Kings.

When a Column is empty, any playable card may be moved to the empty Column.


When play comes to a halt (or sooner if desired,) you may click on the Stock to deal one card to each Column. There is no redeal.