Solitaire Network - Frequently Asked Questions

The games won't play for me. Why?

The problem almost always comes down to having game files that are out of sync with each other. The solution is to clear the browser's temporary files (a.k.a. browser cache) which will force the browser to download a fresh set of files. After clearing the cache, be sure to close all Solitaire Network pages open in your browser before trying the games again. The games will usually play again after that. For information about how to clear temporary files and other troubleshooting tips please see our Help Page

How do I play on an iPad or other tablet or mobile device? I don't see the games in the App Store.

The games are not in the App Store. These are Web Games that you play in a browser. Simply open a browser of your choice on your iPad (or other mobile device) and navigate to and start playing just as you would on a computer.

What do all of the Game Settings do? (a.k.a. Why don't the cards automatically play to the top when I've won the game?)

Game Settings are preferences that you can set that apply to all games, and persist from one session to the next. (You must allow local storage of data to save these settings.)

Some or all of these Settings (when applicable to the game) are available at the top right side of each game:

What are Winnable Shuffles and how do they work?

Winnable Shuffles are shuffles guaranteed to be solvable. Solitaire Network has been collecting the results from real players for years and when a player wins a random shuffle, the random seed is stored in a database. When you play a Winnable Shuffle, one of those seeds are obtained at random and the deck is ordered exactly as it was when the previous player won the game with it.

You can also choose specific Winnable Shuffles for each game. You will need to keep track of those numbers yourself if you wish to keep track of the ones you've won or lost.

Currently the Winnable Shuffles feature is limited to the Solitaire games. We also hope to add Winnable Shuffles to the Mahjong games at some point.

Why did you change the site? I liked it the way it was.

We understand that change is not always easy. Technology keeps advancing and Solitaire Network needs to keep up with it or get left behind. With thousands of different devices and almost as many different screen sizes, and the fact that users can arrange and orient their screens in many ways, the orverriding goal was to make the site work for all of them in a way that utilized the available space in the best possible way. This requires a responsive design and the previous design was mostly not. With the recent changes, Solitaire Network is again up to date with current web standards and practices, and that is good news for the future of Solitaire Network!

With advances in AI we were now able to update our graphics to be HD which meant that the games can be larger, and the cards and backgrounds can be much clearer!

Another advancement at Solitaire Network is the upgrade to newer image formats which are much smaller in download size than the older formats we were using. This means we can provide highly detailed images at twice the size with practically no increase in download size, or in many cases even less of a download.

Finally, the changes were in preparation for the new line of Mahjong games added to Solitaire Network.

What other future plans are there for Solitaire Network?

More Mahjong layouts and game variations are planed in the nearer future. Longer term, Solitaire Network hopes to add other types of original games, and of course at any given time, more Solitaire games!

What should the ads on Solitaire Network generally look like?

The ads on Solitaire Network will generally be placed as one ad above the game and one ad to the side of a game, at a sufficient distance so that you will not accidentally click on them while playing the games. Also, there may be ads lower down on the page. Occasionally there may be an ad between page navigations. The ads will not automatically play sounds, and they should not cover any content.

What if I see an advertisement that is inappropriate or ads that are quite different from what is outlined in the previous question?

We make every attempt to keep ads on Solitaire Network unobtrusive and family friendly. We have decided to filter and even ban advertisements (at significant cost to us) that we feel are inappropriate, controversial, or are polarizing. This includes restricting ads for Gambling, Sex, Politics, Religion, and many more fringe type ads. We also try our best to filter out ads that have no real message, such as those large "Download Now" type ads, but that is an ongoing battle. If you see an ad that you think goes too far outside of these bounds then please report it and we'll do our best to address it. For more information in regards to controlling ads, see our Privacy Policy.

We can assure you that Solitaire Network does not serve any ad that pops up a new browser window or that opens a new tab within your browser. If you are seeing ads like this, or many ads that overlay the content of the site, then those ads are originating from another source and NOT from Solitaire Network. Sometimes, there are browser add-ons or other malicious software that may be installed on your computer that are putting ads over our content. If that is happening to you then go into your browser settings and disable add-ons until you find what program is serving those ads.

You can also download and run anti-malware software such as MalwareBytes which will help find problems such as these. MalwareBytes is a reliable and trusted product that we've used for years and we highly recommend it. There is a free version.

What does "NO GIMMICKS" mean?

We are serious when we say "NO GIMMICKS". You won't see something pop up when you are really just trying to close the browser. We won't make you jump through hoops to play our games. You do not need to sign up or install anything to play. You can go right into any game and literally be playing in about 10 seconds.

What can I do to support Solitaire Network?

The most important thing you can do is to visit often!

Please share our games with your family and friends on Facebook and other social sites. Also, if you have a website, please link to us.

On a more serious note, we'd really appreciate it if while on you would whitelist us in any ad-blocking software you may be running. Advertisements are our only source of income to keep the games running smoothly and to promote new development of future games and features. We are trying our best to be responsible ad publishers. Thanks!