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Double Scorpion SoliTaire!

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Double Scorpion SoliTaire! Rules:


Form eight sets of cards of the same suit from King to Ace within the Columns.

The Deal

Using two decks, cards are dealt to 10 Columns. The first 4 Columns are dealt 11 cards each, and the remaining Columns are dealt 10 cards each. Unlike single-deck Scorpion, all cards are dealt out initially.

In each of the first 5 Columns, 5 cards will be face down - the Scorpion's tail.


Columns are built DOWN in the SAME SUIT. For example, a 6 of clubs may only be placed onto a 7 of clubs.

Any number of face up cards may be moved whether in sequence or not provided the above build rule is applied.

When a face down card is the topmost card in a Column, it is flipped face up.

Empty Columns may be filled with Kings.

The goal is to build 8 sets of cards within the layout from King down to Ace in the same suit. One point is scored for each card built within a Column starting with a King. For example, if a Column has a K, Q, and J of the same suit in sequence then three points are scored for that combination.


Unlike Single-deck Scorpion, all cards are dealt out during the initial deal so that there is no Stock in Double Scorpion.

Game Notes

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